Online Nerds is actually a one-man show that was born out of passion in 2010. In the passing years we have teamed up with some other web-gurus to ensure that we can provide the best quality service to satisfy any client with any budget.

Our mission – fast, reliable and affordable – stop trying to figure it out, we know what you need and we know how to get it. Just have a look at our portfolio to get an idea. We keep our prices affordable, but never skip out on the things that matter most – design, layout and content.

We prize ourselves in delivering totally awesome, user-friendly and great looking websites for small and mid-size businesses, as well as charities, organisations, education and personal blogs. Whatever the project, we have a streamlined process and are super resourceful – allowing us to maintain a high level of quality whilst providing a personalised experience for every client.

We pack a mean punch with our range of services – we are not limited to just websites, but can assist you with an array of different services.
Have a look at our services to get the full scope.

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